Razed is a fast-paced single player platform racing game where you must guide our hero to the end of each level in the quickest time possible. He is strapped into a pair of power shoes that give great abilities like super-speed, huge jumps and drifting, but these features come at a price – if the shoes run out of power they will explode! Luckily the shoes are recharged simply by moving quickly, so just don't slow down!

The game includes 60 levels across 6 different worlds, with each world bringing its own distinct visual style, unique twist to the gameplay and tricky boss battle at the end.


Latest info can be found on the warpfish development blog and @warpfish on twitter.

Razed Development Screenshots

Edge "Get Into Games" Competition

Before Razed there was Outcry which was a prototype game we created for Edge's get into games competition. It was awarded the runner up prize in 2014. After the competition we decided that the concept was worth developing into a full game.