Outcry - A game of kindred spirits

Outcry was a small prototype. It has since evolved into a full game: Razed.

Outcry is an ambient 3D racing game made with Unity. It was created in June 2014 for the get into games competition run by Edge magazine which required each entry to be based around the theme of “Protesting”. In Outcry, you must race against the clock through a bleak urban environment in order to gather enough people in order to prevent disaster. Most of the population aren’t sympathetic to your cause, but those that are will give you quite the boost when you find them!

The ultimate aim of the game is to complete each level in the fastest time possible. The game keeps track of your times and allows you to submit your best ones to the Outcry online leaderboard.

Made with Unity 3D, the game can run on multiple platforms, but so far the only release is for the web player, which allows you to play using the keyboard or a joypad.


Development Screenshots