Wii Shooter

Smashing (Smashers to its friends) is a shooter currently in development designed specifically for the Wii.


Smashing! 2.0

Smashing! - Soundtrack

Track 1: Smashing! v1.0

Track 2: Bartered Bride Overture

Track 3: Two-Part Invention

Track 4: Minuet in G major (Unused Track)

Track 5: Sheep May Safely Graze

Track 6: Prelude in C major (Unused Track)

Track 7: Promenade

Track 8: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Track 9: Sultdam (Unused Track)

Track 10: Smashing! v2.0

Track 11: Swan Lake (Unused Track)

Track 12: We Three Kings

Track 13: God rest ye merry, gentlemen

Track 14: Country Garden

Track 15: Canon in D major

Track 16: Pieces (Credits)

Smashing! - The Soundtrack (mp3 format)